Friday, December 20, 2013

A sign

Last night, I had this horrifying dream that caused me so much pain. My dream started with me having signs of having a tumor in my stomach and thus I got sent to the hospital for a check-up. Somehow the doctor then stuck a huge tube down my throat into my stomach to check for it.. All the while it was fine, until when he removed the tube and my stomach hurt like mad due to the pressure! So I got admitted into hospital for observation (all the while still thinking and making sure that I can claim all these with my hospital insurance). And the absurd thing was, there wasn't enough bed so I ended up SHARING a bed with an old lady! So there were 2 pillows on the same bed and it got me thinking why I didn't go straight to a private hospital since I'm covered under private hospital. Yeah, I'm still thinking of work in my dreams #imustbeoverworked

So yes, back to the part on how I've to share the bed with an old lady despite being in soooooo much pain. So the whole time, I was just feeling like crap and suddenly the old lady started talking to me in canto, which I was glad she was canto so I could at least communicate with her. So yup, we chatted and my friends came over to visit. But my bf in my dream (some random dude) was being mean and was walking soooo slowly instead of rushing over to visit me while I was in so much pain. By the way, my stomach was freaking hurting in my dreams!

Yup, anyway I guess this is the kind of dream I get when I head to bed feeling crappy. Horrible dream, horrible feeling, horrible night.


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