Saturday, March 3, 2012

Review: L'oreal Youth Code

I got the chance to try out the L'oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence recently and it's awesome!! (: My complexion is really at its best state now! For the past few weeks, I've been using it before my usual toning and moisturizing regime and now there's zero pimples (super proud of it!) and my usual dry spots are fading off! :D My face used to be so dry, there are spots (that somewhat look like rashes) on random parts of my cheeks. Now, it's fading!!! (:

The instructions that I got was to use a drop for my entire face, but I don't know if my face is too dry or what, I used a few small drops on my entire face instead of one. But still, it's keeping my face in a good condition (: This is how the sample looks like:

Gigantic photo of my face without any products!
I'm quite glad they gave me 2 samples of it (: Even though it's really small, it really lasted quite long! I'm still on the 1st tube (: So do give it a try! Zero pimples y'know, it's really quite amazing I feel.

And I just realized I haven't been blogging for about a week :O Time flies...

There are so many things going on in my life.. Actually eventful days make me pretty happy (: 

Monday: Bible classes at Lillian and Wee-shin's.
Tuesday: 2 midterms, and the day only ended about 8pm.
Wednesday: School which ended at 6, Insight with Royalties to support Andrew :D, then we went over to some pub to celebrate Annie's birthday (:
Thursday: Went with Tangs to town to get Annie's birthday present, home for dinner, went to Serangoon supposedly to get uniforms. But the shop just so happened to close at 6pm on that day, only that day.. so we made a wasted trip there, and ended up at Nex Carl's Junior for dinner and discussion. Then Colby sent Ah Cai and I home, thank you Colbs!
Friday: Midterms, school till 6pm. Sports Camp meeting, JALJALS dinner at Lor 8 for Zichar to celebrate Annie's birthday (: Talked at Tau Huey place after dinner and walked back with the tpy gang + Annie who met Bryan halfway.

I just typed a whole chunk of words, bravo.

The week zoomed past. Next week's gonna be another busy week with the first round of interviews coming up for Sports Camp. I'm pretty excited (:

And it's late... 0227am :O

Failed photo that I took of Austen...
But yeap, I succeeded on 2nd try 
And he failed too. still dare to say I lousy.
Little kid blowing the dry ice so there will be smoke.
Random girl blowing dry ice.
Spastic kid trying to get the smoke.
3 little pigs children still fiddling with the dry ice.
Bought Baskin Robbins to Bishan house :D
Random Sharon jump shot.
Ate at Hwangs at Utown and it's awesome :D
Ku Ra with Lebbs' family after church.
Red and White Miso Ramen :D
Shawn: I think I might win you.
And I got worried, and chionged words. Highest score ever for a round :D
And I owned him #proudofmyself
Taken at Insight. All these are done by this man who lost his sight at a young age. 
Annie :D
Aaron calls this Spiderman.

Kenneth :D
Derek :D
Aaron :D 
Annie :D
Evan and Eunice :D
A heart-shaped creature which Tang said is a frog.. and a flower-shaped dog which she insisted is a lion. 
Unknown bruise on my arm! 
End of long blog post. Tomorrow will be an exciting day :D Can't wait!!!! Photoshoot with the Sports Camp people before Wicked at night (:

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