Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm a Coughing Girl in a Coughing World

Yay. That's how I look after coughing. Tired.

It's super tiring. To be constantly coughing! ):

And being really sad me, I've no time to go to the doctor. Today I had school all the way till 930pm. Yes 930pm because there was presentation from 730pm to 930pm! Damn late. No time to go see my uncle!

My uncle is the doctor, so no time to go see doctor.

Plus his clinic is at Bukit Batok! Super far. No time to go there! ):

So I've to go there at what 9plus tomorrow in the morning so that I'll be able to make it to tuition at 11am! Sad sad. But flabs gonna bring me to the far far away clinic so hooray, one up to flabby! :D

On a side note, I saw Panda and Desmond just now and Desmond kept insisting that my new profile picture looks like the youngest candidate running for the election. And this is her photo below.

This is Tin Pei Ling.
This is me. Do we look alike???

Side by side let y'all see. Where got look like?!?!?!? Plus, can't even see my face. And after hearing that, Seb kept nodding his head and he said he wanted to comment on my photo to say that I look like her too!

Desmond kept insisting I should go be her double. Then maybe I'll earn a huge sum of money every month! LOL!

Alright. I'm tired and I wanna sleep. There's 2 tests on Monday! ):

Cough Cough. Who's there?

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