Sunday, February 20, 2011

Red Bull Singapore

Hello Hello!!

I'm here to put up photos + talk more about the Red Bull event. Being really lag, I just saw the photo of me up on the page. Cui max. And plus, it's the first photo, I totally went "omg, so ugly" when I saw it! 

And I saw other people having people liking their photos, so I decided I must be really lag? Must be too much influence from Ah Tang!!!

The link is here:

Please click on it, like it whatever, and like the photo?

haha, I think that's what everyone did. They didn't say that the event is based on votes, but still, it looks damn sad without any votes! haha.

Okay, I think some of my friends know about this already, but I wanna write it out anyway!

They came over to NUS and they had this registration booth there for female drivers to sign up. Then I heard about them recruiting Red Bull girls, so I thought it was the 'drive the Red Bull car around to distribute Red Bull cans to the public' kind of thing. So I went to sign up before I went for lecture.

And when I reached the booth, there were 2 girls there having their registration done. So the people there asked them, "how long have you been driving?" 

One of them said, "three years" and the other said "two!" Then I went like "hurhurhur to Fabby".

The next question was something like, "What's the fastest that you've drove at?"


(Gave Caleb a stunned face!)

Then soon it was my turn! The moment I sat down, I went "hahaha, sorry I don't have my license yet, I'm taking the test on Wednesday!" (It was this Wednesday, I failed it haha!)

So I was thinking, "is he gonna ask me what's the fastest speed that I've went at? Am I supposed to say 40+ km?" 

But he didn't ask me that, he merely wrote down 'Practising' on the paper! Then he started asking me about F1 drivers that I know?

So the thing is, it wasn't a 'drive Red Bull car around to give out free cans of Red Bull"! It was F1 racing! :O

Right, so the moment I left the booth, I was telling Caleb no way they were going to choose me because I don't even have my license!!!

And tadah, I don't know why they called me up seriously. To tell me that I'm the selected 24! -.- I received the phone call during tuition and I remembered telling the person I can't drive and I just failed my driving test, but they said it didn't matter. Shockingly. 

So Tuesday, I'll be going down to Jurong the Go Kart place! Seriously, there were so many people I don't know why they actually chose me. Photo cui + No license! Fail max! 

Then in the email, it stated there will be members of the press and media! Stunner.

The other day I just dreamt that some acquaintance of mine told me that I'm suited to be an actress. haha. I've really weird dreams these days!! LOL!


Gathering at Coach's house the other day! (:

Sharon and I were the oldest there, but I think we blend in perfectly haha!

LLS! (:

This was taken under Lili's block!

At Annie's house while she was bathing!

Astronaut Ling.


Epic Criminal Face!

Lings, I think the mask fits you perfectly! Super nice!


Old Man Ling.


That's all. If you happen to be bored, please go like the photo thanks!

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