Monday, November 16, 2009

Christabel Wong Rong Xuan

Today is a cool day. Literally. The four of us were freezing our asses off in school. Mugging at Business benches wasn't exactly productive because our dear flabby sister was entertaining Cai Ying and I like crazy (Refer to photos below later).

Last night was mugging session at Braddell Macs. It was the usual four too. It seems like the Toapayohgang has shrank from 6 to 4.

On a random note, Mummy is weird. Just because I forgot to top up her ez-link card for her, she says that I'm being very weird nowadays. Just because I always study overnight outside, she thinks that I've changed. Just because I come home after twelve almost every single day, she thinks that something is wrong with me.

Hello Mummy. There is nothing wrong with me. Seriously. I am still me.

Okayys. Photos.

This is my family tree! =D
Christabel Wong Rong Xuan... She fell asleep after studying for less than 10 minutes.
My act cute ttm Daddy.
My act shy ttm Cai Ying 2nd mum.

Cai Ying and I totally failed to pull off the "rounded smile".
Flabby sis!

Cai Ying's huge pullover which is a dress for me.

Victor says his aunt needs a female tutor! Oh yes, I hope I can get a student because I need money!!! All my previous students stopped tuition because they finished their exams.
No tuition = No income = No shopping = Sadded

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