Saturday, February 14, 2009


After an hour and 11 minutes, I finally managed to finish uploading the photos! The number of photos nearly killed me. And the thing is, not every photo is up. I selected some.

Anyway, V day started with kbox with Giang. Trained down to Bedok, bused to Teoheng kbox at Tanjong Katong. Sing, sang, sung.

Ah mui couldn't make it. Hanxie joined us later.

Got high and low too. Had a slight mood swing then.

Dinnered at Bedok hawker center.

Trained down to Changi Airport at about 9 with Spastic Idiot, Jia Fan and Hanxie. Met up with Meowie and Waikit there.

Had some entertaining lesson there at T3. The 6 of us laughed till our stomachs hurt. The content of the lesson shall remain confidential.

Then we took the sky train to T1 to wait for someone. And we really saw the someone. That time, I was really high. Like high. Then Engkwan came to join us.

But after hearing that they are going to cab home but I'm so out of the way, I started emoing. So I had another round of mood swing. And I seriously scared some of them like Jia Fan. =/

Cabbed back with Meowie and Waikit. I alighted first. Cab fare killed me terribly. Totally broke now.


I broke a bottle of nail polish early in the morning today. (15 Feb)
The cards for them. I was having a mood swing when Engkwan came, so I didn't pass him his card. =.=
The card she made for me =D

Kbox! Yiwen and Spastic Idiot.
There are MANY MANY photos of me like this on facebook. They kept wanting to take my unglam photos. Anyway, I'm wearing shorts. So yes, I didn't zao geng.
Jia Fan's so called artistic shot.
Jia Fan, the nice but bullyable guy.
Mei Guai.
Jia Fan's present to us.
Mei Guai's present to us.
Oh wow.
So many things!
Some so-called unglam and candid shot of me.
Aiya. I'm so tired now.

See my shorts. Told you I was wearing shorts.
I love my bottle! =D

Group photo before Hanxie came.

Okay. I was wearing shorts but it still looks weird. So yes, there's a heart shape there.
At T3.
Photos Photos Photos of the 'lesson' gang.

Sky Train! =D
End of photos. Next post up soon.

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